Vintage & Design 



Kroken lounge chair by Ake Fribytter for Nelo, 1970s €375.-


A set of 11 vintage dutch school chairs €25.- a pice

Design sofa with adjustable arm and neck rest. red leather €450.-

Ergonomic easy chair, made by Paramedi Haarlem, €price on request.

Thereca, Topform chair with rosewood, metal and skai-lether. €135,-

Easychair, De Ster, Gelderland, €155,-

Chair, designer Børge Mogensen, factory Fredericia Furniture, €425,-

2 + 3 sofa, design Arne Norell, for Coja. €1500,-

A pair dining chairs, design Niels Otto Moller, for J.L. Moller, model 71. €350,-

A pair of wooden stools, €37,50 a piece. (Height 67cm/26,4inch, Diameter 42cm/16,5inch)


A design easychair, designer unknown. with 3 legs. Bought in 1962. €1250,-

Bar stool. Designer Arthur Umanoff. €225,-

A set of Baumann easy chairs. This very nice model with the front legs/armrest made from a single piece of wood. With the Prouve style rear legs. it is a real design icon.€400,-

Set of 6 Baumann dinner chairs. Sledge chair (chaise traineau) €850,-

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